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Shop Talk Video Series 2 – London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc.

The roof is an important part of your home, serving both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. A quality roof product, such as metal (steel, aluminum) roof, that is installed properly protects your home from harsh weather conditions and adds to the beauty of your home.

Invest in a metal roof that is resistant to fire, wind, moisture and mildew. It is also environmentally conscious choice as metal roofing is fully recyclable.

London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. is the one of only three companies in Canada that offers separate, from material itself (steel, aluminum), paint warranty backed by paint manufacturer – Beckers.

Metal Roofing Manufacturing and Installation Process

The full process of metal roofing installation. Video starts from the meeting with the knowledgeable roofing consultant, then shows the process at the factory where metal panels are produced using roll forming process. Roll forming is a progressive process that passes a metal strip through a series of specially shaped rolls to form a desired profile. Then cut to precise length and packaged.

Then it follows up with full installation. Installation process shows all the stages from laying breathable roof membrane, strapping, roof panels installation and finally all other elements including flashing, snow barriers, valleys, and ridge caps.